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Expert Workshop on ABS and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

5-9 September 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This event was the first meeting discussing ABS implementation in light of the Nagoya Protocol and its links to IPRs in the African context. The workshop provided a dialogue platform to explore the challenges of linking ABS and IPRs in a coherent manner when implementing ABS at the national and sub-regional levels.


  • Brief participants on the Nagoya Protocol with a specific focus on the interlinkages between ABS and IPRs and their significance for policies and regulations.
  • Brief participants on the process and status of the negotiations under WIPO and WTO regarding relevant IPR aspects related to ABS.
  • Reflect on Intellectual Property considerations to be taken into account in the development and implementation of ABS policies and regulations and discuss ways of institutional coordination between the relevant competent national authorities.
  • Discuss the practicality of different IP instruments along the value chain, research and product development process of Genetic Resources, Biological Resources and Traditional Knowledge based products.
  • Explore the interfaces of ABS and IPRs regulations on the basis of national ABS cases.

A common understanding of the linkages between ABS and IPRs was established and aspects essential to support guidelines for Prior Informed Consent (PIC) and templates for access permits, Mutually Agreed Terms (MAT) and Certificate of Compliance were collected.

The 31 participants included ABS National Focal Points, representatives of national authorities responsible for the protection of IPRs, African key negotiators at the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and in the last meetings of WIPO, international IPRs experts, private sector representatives and representatives of international (research) institutions.

The event was organised in cooperation with the Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity Conservation.