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4th Sub-Regional ABS Workshop for Francophone African Countries

26 September-1 October 2011, Bamako, Mali

Representatives from 17 African Francophone countries exchanged views on various implications of the Nagoya Protocol for national policies and legislation. Priority areas for action on the political, technical and administrative level were discussed.


  • Identify the elements for a road map for national implementation of the Nagoya Protocol as well as key questions concerning the coordination process
  • Discuss main challenges regarding the policies related to the implementation process
  • Identify the need for capacity development on regional, local and national levels
  • Identify potential financial support.

Representatives of 17 West African countries and the Maghreb participated.

The workshop was organised by the ABS Capacity Development Initiative in partnership with Ministry of the Environment and Sanitation, Mali.

The report of the event is only available in French. Please click here.