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1st Pan-African ABS Workshop

19-24 November 2006, Cape Town, South Africa

Participants of this event shared experiences on ABS, developed elements for cooperation and received training on ABS from different perspectives. With multi-stakeholder guidance the ABS Initiative elaborated a road map for its future path.


  • Provide a platform for sharing experiences on case studies and experiences with ABS in order to draw lessons learnt and establish best practices
  • Develop basic elements for continuing cooperation under the Initiative
  • Offer training for participants on various aspects of ABS
  • Elaborate a road map for the Initiative with multi-stakeholder guidance.


For the first time, African business joined in a dialogue process with representatives from governmental institutions, civil society, local communities and academia.

The platform was broadened from a regional (Southern and Eastern Africa) to a continent-wide scope, now including participants from Central and West African countries.

Practical outcomes:

  • Lessons learnt and best practices from ABS case studies
  • Recommendations for the international processes concerning regional cooperation and national level requirements for certificates of origin
  • A vision for ABS in Africa for holders of traditional knowledge and stakeholders of genetic resources.

The workshop was hosted by the Department of Environment and Tourism (DEAT) and attended by 59 representatives of national authorities, research and development institutions, NGOs, international organisations as well as the private sector from 18 African and 4 non-African countries.