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CARICOM Regional Training Workshop on Drafting Legislation for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol

26-28 June 2013, Roseau, Dominica

Representatives from CARICOM member and associated states were informed of and updated on the Nagoya Protocol and the challenges involved in developing and implementing ABS legislation and regulations.


  • Raise awareness of the Nagoya Protocol among environmental officers, legislative drafters, legal officers and other key stakeholders
  • Raise awareness about the importance and implications of domesticating the Protocol and MEAs into national law
  • Raise awareness about the kinds of laws, regulations, policies, and administrative measures necessary to enable Caribbean countries to comply with the requirements of the Protocol
  • Build capacity of legislative drafters, legal officers and environmental officers to develop new legislation or amend existing legislation to meet requirements for putting the Nagoya Protocol into national law
  • Facilitate sharing of information about the current status of legislative and policy frameworks in the Caribbean, and exchange of views about possible regional approaches to and support for the coordinated development of ABS policies and legislation in the Caribbean.


  • Guidance on the commitments required by countries ratifying the Nagoya Protocol and about generic statutes necessary to enable legal compliance with these commitments
  • Examples of legislative elements and instruments that could be used to facilitate implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the Caribbean
  • Recommendations for the development of regional approaches in CARICOM, to be supported by the ABS Initiative e.g. development of model legislation and model contract clauses, development of ABS guidance to support Member States in implementing the Nagoya Protocol, delivery of training and capacity-building.

Participants included representatives from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and CARICOM associated countries, i.e Dominica, Barbados, Belize, Cuba, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Lucia, St Vincent and Suriname. Law makers and natural resource managers were the target audience.

The event was organized by CARICOM.