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Empowering indigenous and local communities to use the Nagoya Protocol

3-5 December 2013, Georgetown, Guyana

This training for key ABS stakeholders from Guyana focused on granting access to genetic resources and traditional knowledge as well as how to obtain a fair share of the benefits.  Kkey elements of the training were to raise awareness of the Nagoya Protocol and introduce the 2006 Amerindian Act which grants land and resource rights to registered indigenous communities.


  • Recommendation from participants that Guyana should accede to the Nagoya Protocol
  • Commitment by participants to work with the environmental Protection Agency of Guyana (EPA) in order to develop the right approach for access and benefit sharing
  • The Justice Institute has been asked by participants to conduct more training on ABS
  • A description by the participants as to what constitutes a Free Prior Informed Consent and how relevant processes with the legal frame should look like.

As evaluated by a qualified anthropologist, despite the differences in education levels, data showed a marked increase in understanding ABS issues among participants .

The 47 participants in the training came from every region in Guyana, representing elected councils from indigenous communities as well as government institutions, research organisations and NGOs.

The event was hosted and co-organized by the Justice Institute with the support of the ABS Capacity Development Initiative.