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5th Pacific Sub-regional Workshop on Access and Benefit-Sharing

10-13 November 2014, Mercure Hotel, Sydney, Australia

This workshop aims to support the ratification and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in the Pacific region by providing an opportunity for exchange of experiences and learning among stakeholders from all Pacific countries. Participants will be invited to discuss the processes and tools for the effective and efficient regulation of ABS at the regional, national and local levels.

The objectives of the workshop will be:

  • Exchange of experiences and update on the status of ratification and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol;
  • Enhance the understanding of the potentials marine bioprospecting and related challenges to address when developing national ABS frameworks;
  • Increase the understanding of the business models of relevant sectors engaged in marine bioprospecting and the implications for establishing PIC and MAT.

Based on the objectives, the following outcomes are expected:

  • Capacities to undertake activities towards the ratification and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol among Pacific stakeholders are further improved.
  • Regional exchange of views and experiences among Pacific stakeholders on ABS is strengthened.
  • Awareness and knowledge of stakeholders in relation to marine bioprospecting and the implications for developing national ABS frameworks in the Pacific region is enhanced.


Up to 40 participants including CBD/ABS National Focal Points, representatives of competent national authorities on ABS, representatives of relevant regional organisations and international(research) institutions, NGOs, indigenous and local communities, as well as representatives of the private sector involved in bio-trade and bio-prospecting.

Jointly organised by the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in partnership with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD).