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4th ABS Business Dialogue - Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development

28-29 January 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Building on the previous Business Dialogue held in Copenhagen in September 2013, this 2-day dialogue will provide an opportunity to discuss in more detail concrete options for fostering the effective engagement of the private sector in the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

The 2-day workshop will bring together non-commercial and commercial users, providers and regulators of genetic resources in order to elaborate practical and feasible ways forward of implementing Access and Benefit Sharing framed by the Nagoya Protocol. It complements the previous discussions held at the ICC meeting by informing on regulatory and other relevant ABS developments at the international and the national level, including updates on regional approaches such as the African Union Guidelines on the harmonized implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

Focusing on practical implementation challenges, the ABS Business Dialogue will address:

  • the implications of the Nagoya Protocol being in force and national Nagoya Protocol parties’ legislations being in place/under development,  
  • the different ways industry sectors (pharma, food & beverages, cosmetics and biotech) are inducing innovation based on genetic resources,
  • obtaining PIC and negotiating MAT in relation to sectoral business approaches, R&D patterns and intellectual property models,
  • sector specific guidelines, codes of conduct and corporate policies, as well as
  • enabling environments to build partnerships for ABS compliant value chains, including  the discussion of available / necessary support mechanisms

Expected Outcomes

  • Develop recommendations on ABS implementation that are adapted to the respective business sectors (biotechnology, cosmetics, food & beverages, etc.)
  • Create a basis for close partnerships between users and providers of genetic resources and traditional knowledge
  • Develop approaches for workable benefit-sharing agreements

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