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ABS Initiative activities target diverse stakeholders and encompass a wide range of topics. This reflects the fact that Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) is not a stand-alone "product" but is interrelated to many other sectors on the national and international levels.

In fact, the operability of ABS depends on how the concept is integrated into other fields and how those feed into the concept of ABS.

In this section of the website you will find the ABS Initiative's activities structured according to stakeholders and topics.

Find out why each subject is relevant to ABS along with the Initiative's related activities by clicking on a topic below:

  • Agriculture
  • Communication and education
  • Private sector
  • Forests
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Marine Bioprospecting
  • Protected areas
  • Traditional knowledge
  • Compliance measures

There are diverse reasons why these topics are strongly related to ABS:

  • Implementing ABS on a national level necessitates keeping in mind user and provider country regulations. Stakeholders must also consider intellectual property rights and similar regulations in the field of agriculture.
  • For protected areas and forests, ABS can be an effective financing instrument and add-on to existing governance models for protecting biodiversity.
  • ABS has a specific and essential target group: the indigenous and local communities which are often the holders of traditional knowledge. These groups are key players in the ABS process.
  • Strong ties with the private sector are necessary to create ABS based value chains in the global economy.
  • Tools for communicating and educating about ABS are indispensable for successful awareness and knowledge building.

The Initiative organizes thematic, geographical and stakeholder-oriented workshops and trainings for the benefit of the counterparts, namely governments, research institutions, businesses and non-governmental organizations.

Some of these partners also act as hosts and provide financial, technical and facility support. This helps to anchor ABS in the heart of the organizations and sets it prominently on the national agenda.