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Studies prepared under the framework of the Initiative aim to stimulate substantive discussion and give support to the decision-making process. The need for a specific study is generally identified in the course of an event, such as a sub-regional multi-stakeholder workshop, or in the planning process of such an event.


A gap analysis report on the african model law on the protection of the rights of local communities, farmers and breeders, and for the regulation of access to biological resources

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Jorge Cabrera, Olivier Rukundo and Frederic Perron-Welch; 02/2010; The Interface between sustainable forest management and Access and Benefit Sharing: Outlining potential areas of synergy; Centre for International Sustainable Development Law; Montreal/Canada; 25 pages

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This study is a contribution from the FNI as part of a research project on Access and Benefit Sharing carried out in co-operation with the ABS Initiative. It clarifies overlaps and possible areas of different rules and identifies the core articles in the NP relevance to the implementation of the ITPGRFA.

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The following guides help stakeholders or other interested parties to find their way through the ABS jungle. These guides are topic-specific or targeted towards particular groups. For example, a guide on how to communicate ABS successfully might address all stakeholders while a guide on the legal framework of ABS might only interest policy makers or legal experts.


This Guide offers advice about the role, relevance and use of communication for implementing Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS) systems at the national level. It provides an overview of communication considerations, approaches and methods for the different phases of ABS implementation.

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For the web based pdf version of the communication guide please click  here (English version) and  here (French version).

March 2014

10-14 MArch 2014, Cotonou, Benin

February 2014

Hosted by the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Jamaica.

Organised by the...

December 2013

The Jamaica Observer and the German Embassy in Kingston reported on the 2nd Caribbean ABS Workshop,...

December 2013

11-14 December

Cape Town, South Africa